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How To Use Your Bench Grinder

A bench grinder may be one of the most versatile tools in your collection. One of the most common and handy uses for your bench grinder is sharpening the rest of your tools in your workshop (or even sharpening your kitchen knives if you need. It can also be used for cutting, polishing or buffing. Our 120W Bench Grinder comes with the added bonus of a flexible shaft which gives you the ability to attach rotary tools to use for engraving, sanding and cutting on smaller, more nimble projects. The variable speed dial gives you the full control to find the right finish for every job. It’s the perfect all-rounder for all your grinding jobs around the home or DIY workshop.

Tips for using your bench grinder

Let the tool do the work

It can be tempting to add extra pressure to get the job done. When using a bench grinder, applying too much pressure may damage the working surface or cause you to lose your grip on it. If you feel the need to apply extra pressure try adjusting the speed or using a different grinding wheel.

Be safe and secure

Safety is paramount when using any tool in the workshop. Always ensure your grinder is sturdy and secure before putting it into use.

Work the angles

If you’re using your grinder to sharpen, it’s important to use an angle (roughly 45 degrees) to get a good result. A common mistake is to try to sharpen with a flat surface, this will polish your project, leaving it nice and shiny, but it won’t help you sharpen it.

Use your tool rest

Make sure your tool rest is set so that you can comfortably use it to control your project. Often a space of around 3mm from the wheel will give you the comfort and stability you need.

Making the most of the flexible shaft

The addition of the flexible shaft on this bench grinder allows you to use the rotary tool attachments to complete an array of added jobs. This includes:


Due to its small surface area, a straight bit on the rotary attachment can be perfect for making small, precise cuts on jobs with tight or narrow working spaces.

Carving or engraving

Engraving is a great way to personalise and decorate your projects. Using the right attachment, the flexible shaft is perfect for adding names or applying designs to your great work.

Grinding and Sanding

While you’d never use a rotary tool to sand or grind large areas, they are perfect for applying the finishing touches to intricate designs.

Cleaning and polishing

If you’ve got small surfaces with many nooks and crannies that need a clean and shine, such as jewellery, then this is the perfect application for your rotary tool.

If you’re in the market for a versatile multi-purpose grinding tool than pick up the 120W Bench Grinder with Flexible Shaft and Do it with Ozito.