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4 Hacks To Transform Your Workshop

Your workshop is your sanctuary and your laboratory; it’s the place you can go to take time out and the place where all your DIY masterpieces will be born. Often, it’s where we are at our most comfortable, so it makes sense that it can get a bit messy, but a cluttered workspace is a recipe for disaster. Not only does mess make it hard for you to find what you need, it also creates safety hazards. If you need a couple of handy hints to keep your workspace in tip top shape fret not, we’re here to help.

Get the right gear

As with anything in the DIY world, having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. The Ozito High Pressure Cleaner and Wet / Dry Vac Combo Kit is the ultimate dynamic duo to tackle all of your cleaning needs. The 12L Wet / Dry Vac offers you the versatility to clean up all the sawdust, dirt, dust and debris that builds up on the job, and with a quick change of filter you can just as easily clean up any spills that may occur while you’re at work.

The high pressure cleaner with patio head is perfect for tackling the concrete floor of your workshop or garage, and can then be put to work on your car or driveway to make a total clean sweep.


Recycle paper roll holders to organise your cords

We all love a bit of upcycling, and this simple hack can make drawers full of tangled cords a thing of the past.

Create a simple stand or cardboard box and fill it with paper roll holders, then when you’re done with a cord simply roll it up and put each cord in a different paper roll holder.

Make a smashing tool caddy from a discarded tennis racquet

Remember that tennis racquet you bought because you were inspired when watching the Australian Open a decade or so ago? Turns out, it’s the perfect upcycled bench tool caddy. Simply drill a whole through the handle and screw it to the bottom of your workbench, give it enough slack so that it can be easily swung out from under the desk when needed. Now when your working you can just turn it out and use the strings of the racket to hold the tools that you’re using, it’s an absolute winner.

An eggcellent way to store your nuts and bolts

For the occasional DIYer, small screws, nuts and bolts can be a storage nightmare. If you don’t have the need for a fully decked out set of workshop drawers a simple egg carton can be a godsend. Simply sort the screws and bolts you are using into your egg carton and use a marker to label each so you don’t get confused in the future. This makes them easier to store for future use and saves you from having them strewn messily across the bench as you are working.