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The 5 Advantages of Using an Auto-loading Screwdriver

Even households that don’t get into DIY will need to use a screwdriver from time to time. From tightening hinges to putting together flat packed furniture, even many electronic products require a screw or two. Searching through drawers to find the right screwdriver for the task and manually fixing screws by hand is a thing of the past with the auto-loading screwdriver. Get all the details you need in this short video from our man Andrew Murray.

The Benefits of the Auto-Loading Screwdriver


The lightweight lithium ion screwdriver is designed to fit comfortably in your hand even in small, hard to reach spaces and comes with a convenient carry case.


It may sound obvious, but using a power tool is a lot easier than manually driving in fasteners by hand. Especially for jobs with multiple screws, this units will let you do more work with less effort.


As well as being easier, using a screwdriver is far more time efficient which means you can spend less time putting your new furniture together and more time relaxing and enjoying it.


Handheld screwdrivers are single purpose so most households will have a drawer full of different drivers to suit different fasteners, most of which are hardly ever used. The auto-loading screwdriver is pre-loaded with the 10 most commonly used screwdriver heads so you won’t need to store them all individually.


Cordless screwdrivers offer some handy safety benefits. Firstly, the ease of use reduces the temptation to cut corners; as a result, your fasteners are much more likely to be sturdy and secure. Secondly, because they’re cordless there are no tripping hazards around your lounge room, kitchen or workshop.