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Advantages of The Laser Range Finder

Ever needed to measure the height of a window or the width of your home? Or maybe you didn’t pay total attention when you learnt Pythagoras’ theorem in school (who did?) and now need to calculate the surface area to paint a wall or tile a floor? The 25m Laser Range Finder is the solution to all your measurement dilemmas. It’s perfect for measuring distances, areas and volumes, so put down your measuring tape and trigonometry set and grab this tech-smart beauty today.

 No Need for a Tape Measure

With five simple operating modes measuring distances, areas, and volumes, the Laser Range Finder has re-invented how you’ll measure forever.

Maths Made Easy

Got a wall to paint or a floor to tile? No worries, just select the measuring mode and the Laser Range Finder will calculate the total surface at the speed of light (literally).

Speed Read

The easy to read digital display will leave you with just one question – “Why didn’t I upgrade my measuring tape earlier?”

Oh, So Accurate

With a ±3.0mm accuracy and the choice of a top or bottom reference point, getting a measurement has never been so simple and so accurate.

Make the Distance

The Laser Range Finder has a working range from 0 to 25m, so lugging around measuring tapes the size of a fire hose will become a distant memory.

Pocket Sized Power

The Laser Range Finder is super compact and lightweight, easily fitting into your pocket.

Why make life hard for yourself; work smarter and grab the Laser Range Finder today – you’ll thank us later.