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Power up with A Cordless Lawn Mower

The Cordless Lawn Mower Kit is your lightweight, versatile and compact solution to the normally dreaded task of mowing the lawn. This quiet and cordless machine provides easy convenience when maintaining your lawn and your neighbours will be sure to appreciate your peaceful weekend-friendly approach. The Cordless Lawn Mower Kit is you’re your golden ticket to the best lawn on the block.

Quick and Quiet

This cordless lawn mower provides complete freedom to move as you please getting into even the most tricky or awkward of spaces. Unlike a gas lawn mower, an electric lawn mower makes little to no noise which your neighbours will love.

Save Your Pennies

Don’t waste money refuelling you mower, just charge up your batteries and you’re on your way. The added bonus is that you can kiss those last minute trips to refuel your mower goodbye.

Safety First

The 2-stage safety switch prevents any accidental start-ups, while the 2-position height makes it easy for everyone to use.  The addition of soft grips to the handles will give you complete comfort and control when taking the mower for a spin.

Catch That

The light weight catcher leaves your grass looking fresh and tidy. The catcher comes with the added convenience of an indicator to let you know when it’s full, saving you valuable time.

No pollution. No worries.  

Unlike petrol, electric lawn mowers don’t emit pollutants into the air providing eco-conscious consumers with an environmentally friendly option when maintaining their lawn. No gas, no pollution – simple.

Right Height

With the added convenience of a five-position central cutting height adjustment leaver you can easily cut your lawn to the desired height every time.

If you’re ready to go to mow-town pick up the Cordless Law Mower Kit and ‘Do It With Ozito.’