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Benefits of the mini air compressor and airbrush kit

The Mini Air Compressor & Airbrush Kit combines everything you need for painting, artwork, cosmetics and heaps more in one portable set. It’s lightweight, mobile and easy to use, so even the least experienced hobbyist will have no trouble getting the job done. For all the basics, watch this quick video where Andrew Murray will run you through what you get with this kit.

Benefits of the mini air compressor and airbrush kit

Oil free

Painting with this bad boy will be a pleasure thanks to the ‘oil free direct drive design.’ This allows your airbrush to operate quietly and efficiently, without maintenance.

Total control

The kit comes with an analogue pressure gauge that allows you to easily adjust the air pressure. The higher you have the air pressure, the smaller the paint dots will be for a drier, rougher spray texture. On the other hand, lower pressure makes for a wetter, smoother finish.

You can also control the flow of your paint with the variable speed trigger on the airbrush to ensure you get an even pattern.

Paint with all the colours of the rainbow

This versatile kit is suitable for use with watercolour, acrylic paints, lacquers, enamels, inks, dyes and even food colouring. Remember to thin the paint to get the colour and viscosity you desire before applying it to your work piece.

Airbrush tips

Stay safe

When you’re not using the airbrush, cover the nozzle with the cap. Be careful to avoid rotating the nozzle as you put the cap on to ensure your don’t unscrew the nozzle.

Spray straight

For most jobs, it is important to keep your nozzle perpendicular to your work piece; in other words, spray in straight lines. Spraying on an angle creates uneven oval spray patterns that are difficult to control.

Dagger stroke

One of the easiest effects that can be achieved with an airbrush is the ‘dagger stroke.’ By altering your distance and airflow as you spray you can create stunning lines that come to a defined point. To do this, depress your trigger to get a high airflow through the brush; as you move along the line slowly release the trigger and move the brush closer to the work piece. There you have it, your first dagger stroke. Practicing this technique is a great way to experiment with the effects of distance and airflow.

If you’re ready to paint the town red (or any other colour that tickles your fancy) pick up your mini air compressor and airbrush kit and ‘Do It With Ozito.’