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Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Dad

Dads are often tough to buy gifts for. From the fusspot to the man who already has it all, there are a number of reasons that finding the right gift can be an effort. This year, we’re on a mission to help you power up your dad. If you’re on the hunt for a gift your dad will love, check out our Father’s Day gift guide below.

The Dad Who Does It All

Whether they’re just starting out in DIY or they’re a seasoned pro, if your dad is keen to dabble in a bit of everything, this is the gift guide for you. From cubby houses to sheds or floorboards to cheese boards, these tools will give him the power to do just about any job.

High 5

The Ozito Power X Change 18V 5 Piece Kit comes with everything the dad who does it all will need. There’s a circular saw, drill driver, impact driver, LED torch and angle grinder, so your dad will have the power to cut, join, grind and light up a whole range of awesome projects.

Standing Ovation

The 1600W Compound Mitre Saw & Stand is the ultimate all-rounder. It’s powerful, portable and versatile giving your dad the ability to make a full range of cuts working wherever he’d like.

The Dad Who Knows It All

If your dad is a bit of a whiz in the workshop then these are the tools that will give him the power to do more technical projects. From drilling into bricks and concrete to getting the perfect finish for every material, these tools are perfect for the experts.

Hammer Time

The 1010W 13mm Hammer Drill is one tough cookie, designed to drill into just about any masonry product. The kit comes with 23 drill bits and 28 additional driver bits, giving your dad the power to create holes of varying shapes and sizes as required.

Hit the Bench

The Bench Grinder & Belt Sander is a versatile tool capable of finding the perfect finish for both metal and wood projects. The grinder can be used for anything from removing burrs from metal to sharpening kitchen knives; while the belt sander is perfect for removing large amounts of excess material from hard woods.

The Dad Who Loves His Garden

If your dad is a bit of a green thumb then we’ve got something for that too. Our range of Power X Change garden products run allow your dad to power his garden gear with the same battery as his workshop tools.

Quick Trim

The grass trimmer and blower kit is perfect to give your dad’s garden the edge. The trimmer can be used to maintain lawn boundaries around pathways, shrubs and trees. When he’s done trimming the leaves the blower is at hand to make clean up a breeze.

Mow, Mow, Mow, Ya Lawn

The ideal lawn mower for small to medium gardens, the 1000W Ecomow Electric Mower is comfortable to use, easy to steer and runs quietly.

So, head into Bunnings and power up your dad this Father’s Day.