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How to make a pot plant holder

Whether kept indoor or outdoors, pot plants make a great addition to any space. They add a certain decorative coziness and make any space look and feel more inviting and liveable. Adding a handmade wooden pot plant holder into the mix gives your plants extra warmth and makes them easier to move, manage and display. If you want to bring your living space to life ‘Do It With Ozito.’ Check out our plans to make your very own pot plant holder.

What you’ll need

Compound Mitre Saw
18v Cordless Drill Driver
18v Cordless Jigsaw
18v Cordless Detail Sander
18v Battery Pack

1pc x Dressed Pine: 140 x 19 x 1200mm

8 x 40mm Screws (8-10g)

1 x 6mm Timber Drill Bit
1 x 3mm Timber Drill Bit
1 x Pencil
1 x PH2 Driver Bit (Phillips Head)
1 x Tape Measure
1 x 80 Grit Sandpaper
1 x Jigsaw Blade
4 x Workbench Clamps

Safety Equipment:
Safety glasses & ear protection

Cut list:
Cut 2 lengths at 120mm for sides
Cut 2 lengths at 220mm for top & bottom

Important safety tips and information
Please ensure that any loose clothing, hair, lanyards, etc. are secured and cannot make contact with tools while in use.
Wait until all tools are completely stopped before resting the tool on the bench.
Ensure all personal safety equipment is used suitable to the application.
If you are unsure of how to use any of the tools listed ask someone who has the knowledge before attempting to use the product.
Please also refer to the product manual for usage instructions and tips.

Set up
Check the width and length of the timber you’re using will suit the height and width of the pot. Dimensions can be adjusted to suit.

How to ‘Do it With Ozito’ 

Measure 220mm from one end of the length of timber board and mark a line. Using a mitre saw cut along the marked line.
Repeat this step to create 2 x 220mm lengths & 2 x 120mm lengths.

Using a drop saw to cut timber


Clamp timber pieces together with the longer lengths making the top and smaller lengths making the sides.

Using clamps to hold a timber square


Using the drill driver with 3mm drill bit, drill pilot holes through the top and bottom pieces into the sides.

Using a cordless drill to make pilot holes


Swap the drill bit for the PH2 bit. Using the 40mm screws, screw the sides of the plant holder together.

Using a cordless drill to drive screws


Mark a circle the same size as the rim of your pot plant on the top piece of timber. Check out our video for a cool tip on how to make your own compass to achieve a perfect circle.

Man drawing a circle on timber for woodwork


With a 6mm drill bit on the drill, create a hole on the inside edge of the circle.

Man using red cordless drill


Insert the blade of the jigsaw into the 6mm hole. Ensure the base plate of the jigsaw is flat on the timber surface and slowly cut around the marked circle. You may need to re-clamp the plant holder to the bench in different positions to complete the cut.

Man cutting circle with red cordless jigsaw


Clean up any rough edges on the timber with a sander.

man using red cordless detail sander


Finishing Touches
Place your pot with plant into the hole and you’re done! For more effect, create additional pieces of the holder to stack them together. You can protect the timber with a coat of paint or varnish.

Completed stand of wooden pot plant holders

If you’d like to print the plans out to do it yourself download our PDF Ozito – How To Make A Pot Plant Holder guide.