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Reasons you need the 2 Piece Electric Mower & Grass Trimmer Kit

Let your garden go this season? Take control of your backyard’s look this summer with the 2 Piece Electric Mower & Grass Trimmer Kit. It’s never been so easy, rewarding and cost efficient to transform your outdoor space.

Environmentally Conscious and Easy on the Ears

Unlike a petrol lawn mower, our electric lawn mower is mindful of the environment and makes little to no noise which you and your neighbours will love. With 3 different cutting heights your lawn will get the perfect cut each time.

All in the Detail

The grass trimmer’s unique dual cutting blades provide hassle free operation. The trimmer’s blades are devised for optimal efficiency.  Chop, chop!

Safety First

With the safety switch, you can avoid any accidental start-ups, letting you feel more in control of your lawn mower. The 305mm cutting width and 3-position height adjustment provides the perfect trim for any type of lawn.

Grab the 2 Piece Electric Mower & Grass Trimmer Kit at your local Bunnings store and #DoItWithOzito.