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Top tips on getting the perfect garden – The Caretakers

Our tools take all the hard work out of getting the perfect garden, you just need a little bit of know-how along the way. With everything from lawns, to decking and hedges, The Caretakers have all the right tools for getting gardens looking shipshape. Here are our top tips for getting your garden looking its best.

Perfect Lawns: Water deeply – not often.
Watering deeply – not often – is one of the keys to achieving a perfect lawn. By watering your lawn deeply, it causes the grass to form longer, stronger roots, which makes for better looking grass.

Scrub the Decks
Garden path or garden bed can become weathered and worn as the seasons and weeds take hold. Here’s the best way to get your deck back to looking its best:
Step 1: Sweep your path, removing all dirt and leaves.

Step 2: Use a high pressure washer or hose to remove other dirt.

Step 3: Using the Power X Change 18V Garden Sprayer, spray the any weeds or unwanted plants with a weed sprayer, which will help prevent weeds – stopping them before they appear.

Hedges: Planning and Shaping
When it comes to achieving perfect hedges, a little bit of planning and forward thinking goes a long way. Two of the main things to consider are planning and pruning.

Choosing the right hedge for your garden is about considering what works best with the design of your garden – and what type of plant suits the climate you live in.

Shrub Shaping
It is best to start trimming and shaping a young hedge before it has reached full size. Trimming helps them put on dense new growth – all over – not just along the top.

The best way to do this is to give small plants a regular light trim (around 2cm off each time), before individual plants have grown together to form a hedge. The compact 18V Grass Trimmer & Shear from the Power X Change 18V 2 Piece Garden Care Kit includes two trimming blades – perfect for shaping your next hedge.
From small to tall, the Power X Change range has you covered with a whole range of hedge and pruning tools to suit all shapes and plants.

How often should you prune?
Some hedges in warm climates may need monthly pruning, depending on how hot and wet the growing season is. In cooler climates, the same plant may only need to be pruned 3 or 4 times a year. We recommend heading into your local Bunnings garden centre to for expert advice on when best to prune your species of plant.

Whatever DIY job you need to tackle this Easter weekend, Team Up with Ozito!

Recommended Tools:

18V 2 Piece Garden Care Kit 

2 x 18V Brushless 5-in-1 Steel Deck Mower Kit 

18V Pruning Saw