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Top Tips for Pole Pruner & Hedge Trimmer Kit

There’s nothing like a big, beautiful garden. A natural sanctuary in your own backyard; a home amongst the gum trees, if you will – it’s the great Australian dream. Those tall trees can create a little bit of hard work and need dead or diseased limbs trimmed or removed to encourage good growth habits and keep your trees within the boundaries of your property and away from your home.

The 18V Pole Pruner & Hedge Trimmer Kit has an aluminium extension pole that allows you to quickly and easily reach high areas that would usually require the more dangerous task of cutting from a ladder. Don’t be led down the garden path when choosing how to maintain your trees and shrubs; get the right advice in this quick video from Andrew Murray.



Like any DIY job, safety is the most important part of the job. This is particularly true when working with material overhead. Wear protective gear including goggles, a hard hat, gloves and work boots, preferably steel caps. Use the provided shoulder strap to give you more comfort and control when working.


Make sure the area below the branches you’re cutting is clear of people and trip hazards. Remove all fallen branches as you cut and take note of uneven ground or exposed roots. Be sure to have a clear planned path to move to in the event something goes wrong.


Now you’re ready to make your first cut, pick your branch and adjust the head of your pole pruner and your telescopic pole accordingly so that you can comfortably control your tool.


Before starting your cut, position the saw by placing it on the cutting spot with the weight resting on the branch. Your hands should be roughly at chest level and you should be positioned well to the side of the limb to ensure you’re clear when it falls. To do this, you will need to make the cut at a slight angle.


Make the first cut slowly, allowing the saw to ‘bite’ into the branch as much as possible. The saw may slip sideways slightly at first as you try to make the groove so ensure you are operating with care.


Once you’ve found your groove, you can continue your cut and increase your stroke speed. Keep your eyes open so that you can ensure you are out of the way when the branch falls.


Clear the fallen branch to ensure a safe working area and then repeat the above steps on your next branch.

Keeping your landscape lush has never been this easy. If you’re ready to get your garden into gear, pick up the 18V Pole Pruner and Hedge Trimmer Kit and get trimming!