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How To Use A Random Orbital Sander

The random orbital sander is a true all-rounder; it has the ability to get through large amounts of excess material but can still be used to deliver a super smooth finish. The sand paper continues to rotate in the same way as a standard orbital sander, but the “random orbital” action comes from the sanding pad spinning off-centre which delivers the random action. This added layer of rotation eliminates the pesky ring shaped indentations that can sometimes be left by other sanders.

How To Use A Random Orbital Sander

Get Secure

Before you get started, make sure your material is secure. Securing your work piece will help prevent it from slipping and save you from damaging the material or injuring yourself.

Dust Off

Sanding means dust, often heaps of it. To make the post-job clean up easier the Power X Change 18V Random Orbital Sander has a cartridge to catch the dust. Make sure you have put your dust cartridge in place before you get to work.

Get A Move On

Turn your sander on and let it get to speed before you make contact with your material. Once the sander is going, keep it flat and in constant motion as you move on the work piece. Leaving the sander in one spot for too long will lead to an uneven surface.

Be Edgy

Sand the main body of the material first and leave the edges to last. Rounding the edges while sanding the rest of the surface can damage your material or your sander.

No Pressure

Let your tool do the work, don’t press down hard on the material or apply too much pressure. The more pressure you apply when sanding the harder you will find it to get an even finish, you’ll also wear out your sanding discs at a much faster rate.

If you’re planning a project that needs a smooth finish, pick up the Power X Change Random Orbital Sander and ‘Do It With Ozito