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A Guide to Our PXC Lighting Range

When the sun starts setting or you are working in a poorly lit area, our PXC lighting range can bring the light back for a safe and comfortable working environment. The best part is that ALL of these models are cordless so you can take them wherever your work is!

PXC 18V Hybrid Twin LED Worklights and Tripod – Skin (PXHTWLS-4000)

Powered by our PXC 18V batteries OR your household AC power point, these twin work lights are ideal for big projects such as:

  • Renovations and painting jobs to ensure you’re getting a neat finish on those walls
  • Working outdoors
  • Lighting up your campsite area at night
  • Additional garage lighting when working on your car

These twin LED Worklights are packed with amazing features including a tripod that can be folded down for transport or adjusted to provide lighting where you need it most!

This worklight is popular for painters and in workshops. It is also an awesome way to light up the backyard or campsite for a barbeque or party!
With multi-directional light adjustment and a dimming control knob, you can decide how bright you want your space to be.

PXC 18V LED Worklight – Skin (PXWLS-2000)

If you are on the go camping, hiking, or maybe you are renovating your home – this is the perfect LED
light for easy and quick set up and use!

The PXC 18V LED Worklight has an adjustable frame and hanging hook that makes it super convenient
to set up quickly, and its compact size makes it suitable for any situation you find yourself in!

What makes this product even better is its 360° of rotation to provide super bright light in the direction
you need it most!

PXC 18V Worklight – Skin (PXWLS-800)

This compact Cordless Worklight provides a huge 270 lumen of bright lighting and an adjustable light
beam – allowing you to interchange targeted spot lighting and flood lighting.

Whether you are at a night soccer practice, working late in your garage or the electricity has gone out,
this worklight is perfect.

With 7 lighting angles you will be able to position the worklight to suit different work areas to work
around all your power tools.

With all this power, it is still compact and lightweight! Not to mention compatible with all Ozito
PXC batteries.




PXC 18V LED Torch – Skin (PXTLS-905)

When you don’t need to light up the whole room, the PXC 18V LED Torch is the way to go.

The 18V LED Torch is a super lightweight tool with a sure grip handle, a hanging hook for comfort and
a 3W LED that can produce up to 250 bright Lumen on a rotating head. This is a super handy tool to
have with you if you are camping or to keep in your car for emergency situations.

PXC 18V Cordless LED Spotlight – (PXSLS-018)

Newest into the range, this spotlight is perfect for bright, reliable lighting on the go.

The 2-stage brightness control lets you adjust the lighting to suit the situation, and the overmoulded
rubber provides added protection against shocks and drops!

With an amazing 2,500 Lumen Illumination, you can’t go wrong with the PXC Cordless LED Spotlight.

All products have a 5 Year Replacement Warranty.








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