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Dual function 18V Wet & Dry Vacuum

No one loves cleaning, but cleaning with a tool that is versatile, light and easy to use definitely helps. This Power X Change 18V Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is your solution to cleaning up dirt, dust, debris – and yes, even liquids. With wet and dry capabilities, this is perfect for your home, garage and car.

Oh, So Portable

Dance around your home without getting tangled up in a power cord. The cordless technology, carry handle and lightweight design makes moving around a breeze.

 All in One

Why get a normal vacuum when you can get one which has dual functionality? With both wet, and dry vacuum capabilities, there’s no mess or spill it can’t handle!

Big Tank

The vacuum’s impressive 18L tank is perfect for any DIY cleaning jobs & the stainless steel housing means greater durability.

Accessories Galore

With a 1.5m air hose and 3 premium hardened extension tubes, it’s cleaning made simple. The included additional accessories all you to reach into tight spaces, making sure to you’ll reach every nook and cranny.

Suck It

With an 80mbar (8kPa) suction power there’s not much household debris this product can’t collect. And with a simple connection of the suction hose to the blower outlet, you’ve now got that power to help blow away dust, dirt or even cobwebs!

Once you get your hands on one of these, you’ll be questioning why you didn’t get one sooner. With wet or dry capabilities plus cordless convenience, it’s a must for any home or garage. Grab your Power X Change 18V Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner at Bunnings today and #DoItWithOzito.