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Cordless Mowers Buyers Guide

Buying a new lawn mower is a long-term investment in your home and garden so it is worth taking the time to make sure you select the right mower to suit both you and your lawn.

Not all yards are the same and not all mowers are either. This PXC guide will help you select the best cordless mower for your lawn, just keep reading!

PXC 18V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit for small to medium lawns

Powerful for tough lawns but compact for smaller suburban homes, our brushless lawn mower is lightweight and portable. Ideal for maintaining lawns up to 200m², this mower gives you options with a three-position cutting height adjustment. This mower allows individual adjustment of the cutting height for your convenience!

The brushless motor technology eliminates friction, allowing for a cooler motor and longer runtime.
Keep your lawn neat and tidy with the 25-litre plastic grass catcher. Lawn mowers with catchers give tidy results and saves you from raking all the clippings when you are finished mowing!

Not to mention the 5-year replacement warranty and 3-year battery and charger replacement warranty!

PXC 2 X 18V Telescopic Lawn Mower Kit for medium to large lawns

The PXC 2 X 18V Telescopic Handle Lawn Mower Kit is perfect for maintaining lawn areas up to 450m² with the 4.0Ah Li-Ion batteries provided.

The telescopic handles are strong and fully adjustable, so you’ll always get that right height for comfortable mowing. With a 370mm wide cutting path, six preset cutting heights and Ozito’s Close Cut technology, you’ll be mowing right to the edge!

Another great feature is the cord being fully enclosed inside the telescopic handle meaning you’ll never get it snagged and it’s easy to pack away.

This kit includes two 18V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries providing cordless convenience – eliminating the need for long extension cords. While the Multi Battery Fast Charger provides the advantage of charging multiple batteries at the same time.

PXC 18V Cylinder Lawn Mower Skin for small to medium lawns

For the lawn enthusiast after the golf green, manicured look, our PXC 18V Cylinder Push Mower is ideal for maintaining well kept small to medium garden lawn areas.

Featuring 5 precision-ground steel cylinder blades that operate with a scissor action that effortlessly glides through your lawn to provide a precise, clean cut every time

The beauty of this Mower is that it can be powered by any 18V PXC Battery pack.

Unlike petrol, battery powered lawn mowers don’t emit pollutants into the air providing eco-conscious consumers with an environmentally friendly option when maintaining their lawn. Being cordless, you don’t need to worry about those long extension cords trailing across the yard and getting caught up.

Check out our range of cordless PXC 18V Mowers today, part of the PXC range of tool and garden products.