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Ozito Power X Change – Cordless Power Tools

Power Up! With Power X Change

Once upon a time, cordless power tools were large, heavy monsters. They came with oversized nickel-cadmium batteries that often didn’t hold charge the way we would have liked. The idea was right, but the technology meant cordless power tools created more problems than they fixed.

Recent developments in 18V lithium ion batteries have changed the game for power tools. They’re lighter, more compact and have an impressive ability to hold their charge.

The one drawback of lithium ion technology is that it can be pretty expensive. So if you’re forking out for a new high-tech battery every time you purchase a cordless tool, it’s going to add up.

That’s why we’ve introduced Power X Change. It’s our way of giving home heroes access to this game changing technology. It’s time to power up!

With Power X Change, one battery can power every tool in your kit. So you don’t have to waste money on a new battery with every tool. Your tools are more flexible than ever before. Just charge it, change it and get the job done.


The benefits of lithium-ion batteries for cordless power tools

No Memory Effect

The memory effect is a problem typical of the old nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries. Over time, the batteries hold less charge depending on how they are used and charged. Lithium ion batteries don’t have this problem. Not only that, they tend to charge faster and have a longer lifespan.

Slower Energy Release

Lithium ion batteries have an incredible ability to hold their charge when not in use. It is estimated a lithium ion battery left idol for a month only loses 5-10% of its charge. That means if you fully charge your tool, leave it, and come back in a month, it will still be at 90% charge when you use it. In comparison, old nickel batteries lose around 30% of their charge per month.

Lighter Weight

Lithium-ion batteries are more compact and lighter, making them easier to store and use. If you’ve got a big job the last thing you want to do is hold heavy tools for long periods of time. Lithium ion batteries go a long way to solving this problem.

If you’re in the market for new tools or want to upgrade to cordless then Power X Change is here to help. It’s time to power up.