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DIY Coffee Table Makeover

Coffee mug? Or a coffee table makeover? Yes, we’ve all been there and purchased our Dad one of those “world’s best Dad” mugs. Now it’s time to take your present giving to the next level. Check out our DIY Coffee Table Makeover.

From trash to treasure – when you’re a born restorer you know that any old piece of furniture can be rejuvenated to “better than new” with the right application of skills.


Recommended Tools:

18V PXC Multi Function Tool Kit


18V PXC Hammer Drill & Driving Kit


18V PXC Outdoor Spray Gun



Step 1: Assess your coffee tables needs

Most coffee tables are covered in old paint, varnish or both, and to transform the piece the first thing you will need to do is strip back the table, so you’ve got a fresh canvas to work with. With more than a dozen accessories included, the PXC 18V Multi Function Tool Kit makes this job one you can complete in record time without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. You will be able to sand and scrape every inch of your table, getting into every nook and cranny with ease.

With a liberal dose of paint-stripper you can lift that old layer of paint and using Ozito’s 18V Multi Function Tool Kit you can effortlessly remove the layers. Then it’s time to sand – with a number of sanding sheets included, it will be easy to select the right one for every surface of your table.

Step 2: Have you looked at the legs?

To really transform the coffee table, you might want to replace the legs – the 18V Hammer Drill & Driving Kit will be your go-to tool here to save time and effort.

Step 3: Paint it

With the coffee table now prepped, you can add a flawless finish with the 18V Outdoor Spray Gun – paint and varnish both go on perfectly with this tool – with no brush or roller marks to worry about.

Et voila! A simple, straightforward restoration project to tackle for your Dad this Father’s Day.