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DIY Pristine Green

Golf balls? Or a pristine green? Get your Dad’s lawn into shape with our top tips on getting a pristine lawn. Grab the PXC 18V Ultimate Garden Care Kit and you’ll be on your merry way to impressing your Dad this Father’s Day.


Recommended Tools:

18V PXC Ultimate Garden Care Kit



Nothing showcases the beauty of your home quite like a lush, green lawn. It’s the ultimate proof of your prowess and that you know how to impose your skills on the home surroundings.

Step 1: What turf is right for you?

Getting a perfect lawn is a challenge– so talk to your local Bunnings specialist about your soil type and what grass can normally suit your local environment. Don’t forget to think about how your turf is used, as one that supports the daily activities of your family and that beloved pet can make all the difference.

Step 2: The right way to mow

The 18V Brushless Lawn Mower is our powerful, lightweight and portable mower, perfect for manoeuvring and maintaining lawn areas up to 150m². We recommend mowing your grass by taking a third off the top in any one trim. Frequent mowing will also maintain your lawn and keep it healthier than leaving it a while between mows 😉

Keeping your soil nutrient rich is always helpful and we recommend finding a fertiliser to restore your soil to keep your grass growing through every season!

Step 3: The finishing touches

The lightweight and compact grass trimmer is ideal for making those finishing touches around your lawn’s edges, garden paths and grass around trees. Once you’re all done, don’t forget to use the included leaf blower to remove excess grass, leaves or debris from the lawn.

And there you have it, a lawn your Dad can certainly be proud of!