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How to clean a Spray Gun

Maintaining your tool right after the job’s completed means you’ll have the tool running better, for longer.

Check out Andrew’s handy tips to clean your paint spray guns right after use to maximise the life of your product and ensure a great finish the next time you use it. These tips cover both our PXC cordless 18V Outdoor Spray Gun and our corded Power Paint Spray Gun.
You can find our PXC 18V Outdoor Spray Gun & Power Paint Spray Gun at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

Step 1: Select Cleaning Solution

Check the tin that your spray material came in, to find out what solution is recommended for clean up. Note: We used a water-based paint therefore need to use water for cleaning.

Step 2: Return Unused Material

Return any unused paint or varnish into a separate container and then rinse the paint pot and tube with cleaning solution.

Step 3: Spray with Cleaning Solution

Fill the spray gun pot with cleaning solution and continue to spray through the gun until the material coming out of the gun is clear.

Step 4: Disassemble and Clean

Disassemble the spray gun and clean individual parts with cleaning solution using a cloth and cleaning tools (tip needle and brush). Reassemble ready for use on your next DIY project.