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How to Use a Spray Gun

Wanting to get started on your next paint project this weekend? Check out Andrew’s best tips to get started with your PXC Outdoor Paint Spray Gun.

Choosing the Spray Pattern

To change spray direction between horizontal, vertical & round, the Spray Pattern Adjustor can be rotated clockwise to the desired direction.

Adjusting The Spray Fan Width

The spray width can be adjusted from narrow to wide by adjusting the spray width deflector.

Paint preparation

When painting, preparation is the key to the best results. Make sure to check the paint viscosity and dilute as much as required to suit the spray gun specifications.

Spraying Technique

Maintain a distance of roughly 20cm from the workpiece and keep the Spray Gun perpendicular to the work surface. Overlap each pass by 2cm to achieve an even coating.

Clean After Use

Ensure you clean your spray gun thoroughly after each use by following our Instructions On How To Clean a Spray Gun.