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The Advantages of Using A Metal Cut-Off Saw

As the name suggests, the metal cut-off saw is the go to power tool for cutting hard materials, specifically metals. Unlike a mitre saw, the cutting is performed by a thin abrasive disc that is similar to a grinding wheel. The lack of teeth allows the cutting wheel to apply a constant cutting motion without the risk of getting stuck. This makes it perfect for tough materials like rebar, iron, or steel pipe. Armed with one of these bad boys, you could build anything from a letter box to a decked out shed.

Measure it

As the old adage goes, measure twice, cut once.

Place it

Position your material against the fence ready to make your cut.

Secure it

Safety is paramount, and when working with hard materials it is important to use the vice to secure your working material before you begin your cut.

Rev it

Let your saw rev up to full speed before you begin your cut. Remember, you should only need to push down gently and let your saw do all the work for you.

Watch it

If you are applying too much pressure dust will come off the blade. If that happens, it’s time to back off and try again because you are wasting the blade. When you are cutting correctly you will see bright metal sparks, not dust.

Control it

The Ozito metal cut-off saw comes with an added depth stop which allows you to have total control over your cut.

Let it go

Slowly release the saw and let it rev down until it’s off, then take your piece from the vice.

Now that you know how to use the metal cut off saw it’s time to plan your next project and get out there and ‘Do it With Ozito.’