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Power Tool Safety Tips

There’s nothing more exciting than starting a new DIY project. From rustic refurbs to handmade masterpieces, there is a world of possibilities when you do it yourself. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro it’s always important to remember safety when you’re working with power tools. Here are our top tips to getting the job done safely!

Wear protective gear

There’s a range of great work wear on the market to help you look after yourself when you’re working with tools. Check out the video below to see Andrew Murray’s guide to protective clothing for DIY.

Dress right

Loose clothing, long hair and jewellery can all get caught in the moving parts of your power tools. To avoid getting stuck in a dangerous situation, ensure long hair is tied back and any loose clothing is tucked in & away from your tools.

Do it by the book

Buying a new tool is exciting, it can be tempting to take your new purchase straight out of the box and put it to work immediately. Before you do, make sure you give your user manual a quick read. These manuals provide valuable information to help keep you safe.

Don’t go Macgyver

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck into a job only to realise you don’t have one of the tools you need. As much as taking a short cut and getting creative with the tools may seem like a good idea, misusing power tools is extremely hazardous.

Do the maintenance

A damaged power tool is a dangerous power tool. Make sure you inspect your tools regularly, perform any necessary maintenance and never use a tool that isn’t quite right. Stripped cords, cracked guards or damaged blades all create potential risks.

Keep it clean

A messy or dirty work space creates multiple potential hazards. From the risk of tripping to the increased chance of fire, clutter can create chaos. Keep your workspace as clean and tidy as possible to reduce the chance of something going wrong.