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The Versatility of the 18V Multi Function Tool

From scraping away paint and sanding hard to reach areas, to cutting through wood, metal and plastic, the 18V Multi Function Tool from the cordless Power X Change range provides amazing versatility. The all-in-one power tool provides ultimate convenience and efficiency for around the home maintenance.


With 15 accessories included, you’ll be cutting, sanding and scraping to your heart’s content. DIY maintenance and upkeep has never been so simple! Whatever the job, the 18V Multi Function Tool will have an accessory for the task, and many more available at your local Bunnings for specialty tasks like removing grout from bathroom tiles.


You know that battery you use for all of your other home and gardening Power X Change tools? Well that battery can also be used for the 18V Multi Function Tool. Talk about efficiency!


Spend more of your time working and less time adjusting your tools with the easy magnetic tool-free accessory change. There is also an added bonus of the hook and loop paper fitment which provides quick and easy sandpaper changes.


Being cordless is just one of the many benefits of buying from the Power X Change range. Avoid the hassle of corded power tools and move around the home with the 18V Multi Function Tool where you see fit.


Backed with a huge 5 Year Replacement Warranty, you can rest assured you’ve purchased a sturdy product.

Make home maintenance a breeze. Grab the 18V Multi Function Tool today and experience the power of ultimate versatility.