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Tips For Using The Air Sand Blasting Gun

The Air Sand Blasting Gun is the go to tool for preparing material and surfaces like rusted or painted metals. It’s an easy way to remove any imperfections on the surface to get a smooth, shiny, material that looks as good as new. The best part is that using an air sand blasting gun generally takes half the time and effort that manually sanding would. If you have a fireplace to clean, paint to strip or rust to remove this is the tool for you. Watch our quick video to get all the details you need to have a blast with our air sand blasting gun.

Tips For Using The Air Sand Blasting Gun

Embrace The Sands Of Time

This tool comes with two bottles of sand blasting material to get you started, so you can get to work right away. If you run out of sand blasting material you can find replacements at your nearest Bunnings store.

Use The Light

Because this is a lightweight tool, it is agile and easily manoeuvred. Set your work piece up in a convenient and central location and you’ll have the freedom to move around removing rust or chipped paint with ease.

Take The Pressure Down

It’s important to pay attention to the pressure rating as stated on the label. This tool is designed to be used at 90psi. Make sure your compressor is not set any higher than that. You can apply less than 90psi to find the ideal pressure depending on how close you are to your work piece. It is also important to consider how soft the material you are working with is. Lowering the pressure will enable you to get the desired finish to the surface of your project without damaging the material.

If you’re ready to remove rust like a pro, pick up your air sand blasting gun and ‘Do It With Ozito.’